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Believe it or not but most of modern people suffer from some level of depression, panic, or anxiety during some people of their lives. It may be very difficult to get rid of these problems and one may need serious treatment. It is so important because even mild but long-lasting depression or anxiety can develop into a chronic disorder that can negatively influence all your life and lead to suffering. If you have any form of psychic condition... read more


ZanaQuick is a new product that promises to fight and decrease fungus on toenails and finger nails. It is available in the form of drops. Such application is considered to be more effective for the treatment because liquid can penetrate deeper and access fungus hidden even under the nail, according to the manufacturer. The latter is not reputable, though. It offers a number of other products on its official website. The manufacturer offers some other products including... read more

Nerve Renew

Nerve Renew is nutritional supplement designed to improve the symptoms associated with neuropathy, including tingling and numbness in the hands, legs, and feet, as well as burning sensations and pain. Formerly the product was known as Neuropathy Support Formula. According to the official website, Nerve Renew is claimed to strengthen and support nerve linings, reduce anxiety and stress, and improve coordination and balance... read more


Jardiance is a product used to control high blood sugar in patients who suffer from type 2 diabetes. The supplement has to be used in complex with a proper exercise program and certain diet. It is highly important to control blood sugar levels in order to prevent blindness, kidney damage, nerve problems, problems with sexual function, as well as loss of limbs. Besides, the right control of diabetes may decrease the risk of a stroke or heart attack... read more


Tukol is a new medication used for suppressing cough, to relieve nasal congestion and as an expectorant. The manufacturer of the product is unknown but it probably carries the same name as the medication. It is known that it is made in the USA and is distributed by Genomma Lab USA Inc., Houston, TX 77027. Tukol doesn't seem to have its own official website too. It is sold through many retail stores which provide superficial information on it. So, it is unknown what other products are made by the company... read more


Sol CBD is a hemp-derived, C02 extract tincture that features a proprietary blend of water-soluble ayurvedic herbs and cannabidiol. The supplement is legal in all fifty states and does not require a medical card or doctor's prescription. It is said to be a highly bioavailable formula with active ingredients. Its hemp is grown in Scandinavia, and the CBD-rich oil is tested for potency and purity twice before being sent to the laboratories of the company... read more


Navage is a special device designed for a fast relief from nose congestion. This method does not require the use of drugs, as it works by rinsing the nose. convenient, safe, and effective - and brings a time-proven therapy into the 21st century with game-changing technology. Nasal irrigation is meant to relieve sinus congestion no matter what caused it - an allergy, hay fever, sinusitis, cold and flu, environmental dust or dry air. The manufacturer of the Navage Nose Cleaner promises that you will be able to breathe better in minutes... read more


Glucocil is a new dietary supplement used to regulate blood sugar levels and make a life healthier. The product entered the market in 2008 and can be bought online or in GNC retail stores in the USA, including GNC, Walmart, and other retailers. It is designed for people suffering from diabetes or other blood sugar disorders, however, it received a complaint from the FDA in 2013. This supplement is manufactured by the company called Neuliven Health, which is located in San Diego, California... read more


A single case of urine leakage may be forgotten but if it happens quite often you may have the condition of an overactive bladder. Women are more prone to the issue, despite their age. This can occur when laughing, coughing or sneezing. Some conditions like pregnancy, giving birth to a child and menopause may also be the reason for a lack of urine control. Let's have a scientific look at the process of urinating... read more


Belsomra is a prescription sleep aid that is meant for adults who have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. The product works by inhibiting the action of orexin. It is manufactured by the American company with the same name. It promises to help the user fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. As it is a prescription medication, you may ask your doctor about Belsomra which is said to be FDA approved. The official website doesn't mention a word about active ingredients in the product... read more

Natrol Melatonin

Natrol Melatonin is a product that is made in the USA. The manufacturer has its own official website that offers a great number of other health products including vitamins, supplements and minerals. In general, the information on the product is very limited. All you can find is a FAQ section answering several questions. Natrol Melatonin is a sleep aid for patients with occasional sleeplessness. It acts fast and promises to bring the user a good night's sleep. The product is available in different dosages... read more


Recticare is a new product designed for the treatment of hemorrhoids and anorectal disorders. It is said to relieve pain, burning and itching. It includes ten finger cots. The product is said to be developed by a group of specialists in hemorrhoid management. It is made in the USA but there is no exact address of the headquarters on the official website. The product is meant only for adults and children over 12 years of age. It is also recommended to consult a doctor before starting to use this product... read more

Folicure Shampoo

Folicure Shampoo is a product that promises to provide you with a clean scalp and thicker hair. It claims to have a scientifically proven formula that was specially developed for thinning hair. Folicure Shampoo helps to remove sebum build from the scalp by cleansing it thoroughly but, at the same time, it is said to clean your head gently without washing away necessary nutrients. According to the manufacturer, daily use will make your hair thicker and fuller... read more


KSM-66, also called Ashwagandha or "Indian Ginseng" is an Indian herb that is believed to facilitate learning, reduce stress and improve memory. It is also considered to possess antioxidant properties due to which it decreases the negative impact of free radicals by removing them from the human body. It promotes destroying of pathogens by the macrophage cells. The product acts like GABA reducing activity in the central nervous system and providing a calm focus... read more


Do you want to have a whiter smile? There are many types of toothpaste that could be helpful for you due to the content of hydrogen peroxide. But what if your teeth and gums are too sensitive? The company called HiSmile claims to manufacture a collection of peroxide-free products specially created for teeth whitening. These use sodium bicarbonate which is said to be a pain-free alternative to hydrogen peroxide... read more

Quip Toothbrush

Quip Toothbrush is a subscription service on the internet that claims to help you improve your oral health in a simple way. They offer electric toothbrushes that include only the most necessary features and have a nice design. You will have only one mode (a two-minute timer with intervals thirty seconds each), gentle vibrations without harsh rotations, a slim design allowing to take your toothbrush wherever you go, and replaceable heads with round tip bristles... read more


Buspirone is a medication that is used for the treatment of anxiety. It may be helpful if you want to feel more relaxed, think more clearly, worry less, and simply enjoy your life. It may be helpful if you feel irritable and jittery, have trouble sleeping, pounding heartbeat, and sweating. This drug (anxiolytic) works by influencing certain substances in the human brain (neurotransmitters)... read more


ZQuiet is another anti-snoring mouthpiece on the market. The company behind the product has the same name and is based in America. They have a 30-day free-trial offer, many TV advertising campaigns, and a memorable slogan "pop it in in and the noise is gone". The product has really had a big commercial success but still it is associated with a number of issues which will be discussed further in this review. The device is made for people who are tired of their snoring... read more

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