Breathe Right Strips Reviews - What Is It?

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The Breathe Right nasal strips are non-prescription, drug-free devices that work mechanically. They are placed in such a way as to open nasal passages. As a result, the resistance to air flow is reduced and the user can breathe more easily. The strips are flexible. On the underside there is a special adhesive that sticks to the area above the flare of each nostril. It is very important to place the strips properly on the nose for effect. The bands are supposed to straighten back to their original shape and in this way to lift the sides of the nose. When the nasal passages are opened, the person can feel immediate and continual relief and breathe better.

Nasal spaces can be blocked for different reasons: because of the cold, a deviated septum, some allergy, etc. No matter what the reason of narrowed passages is, the Breathe Right strips are expected to widen them. The product has an official website. The company behind it is known as Breathe Right. The manufacturer is not reputable and new on the market. It offers a number of products including Breathe Right Original, Breathe Right Extra, Breathe Right Lavender, Breathe Right Extra Clear, Breathe Right Clear, and Breathe Right Kids.

Ingredients of Breathe Right Strips - Do They Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Breathe Right Nasal Strips seem to be very simple. It is really so. If you look at them for the first time, you will probably wonder whether they really work. These small issues are supposed to improve sleep and manage nighttime congestion. These nasal strips are produced from flexible, spring-like bands. They have adhesive on the underside which helps to fit the strip right above the flare of the nostrils. If the strips are correctly positioned on the nose, they can stay there for a long time.

Breathe Right Strips

The bands are made of a flexible material, so they attempt to straighten back to their initial shape and lift the sides of the nose to open the nasal passages. It can be called a sort of a lifting effect which helps to open inflamed sinus passages and to improve the process of breathing. Nose strips are expected to relieve congestion due to allergies, colds, or a deviated septum. They cannot reduce snoring, however. Before using the strips you are recommended to clean your face. Then position the nasal strip and apply it to the right area on your nose.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

There is not a word about possible side effects or adverse reactions of Breathe Right Nasal Strips on the official website. The manufacturer decided to conceal the information about the material from which these issues are made and does not comment on risks or dangers associated with the usage of the strips. To my mind, these devices are unable to solve the problem of nighttime nasal congestion completely, because it does not depend on the openness of nasal passages only. The problem can be more serious than it seems. I can assume that these nasal strips can improve airflow in the nose of a healthy person only. But you will not be able to get rid of snoring.

Breathe Right nasal strips can be used for adults only. The package is sealed with rubber latex, which may lead to an allergic reaction. Many people are allergic to this material despite its natural character. They should not use these strips. It is not recommended for use over sunburned or irritated skin or sores. These strips may have certain side effects at the beginning or at the end of treatment. Sometimes, they can be the result of interaction with other medications. They may vary in intensity and severity. Usually it is redness and itching of the skin in the morning after you put off the strip. Of course, having something on your nose is not always comfortable. Some people may find it difficult to fall asleep with a strip on their nose. Real users of these devices describe their experience in the following way.

"Breathe Right Strips are smaller in size. I think the manufacturer decided to save on materials. The strips are not suitable for my nose any more. I will never buy them again and don't recommend them to you, unless you have a really small nose."

"The problem of a small size is not the only one when it comes to new Breathe Right Strips. They seem not to be as effective as earlier. It's no wonder. Such a small strip isn't able to effectively cover the necessary nasal area."

"I will never buy this junk again. Breathe Right Strips do not work at all. In addition, they irritate my skin. I discontinued using these items. I am very disappointed as they were my last hope to stop snoring."

Where To Buy Breathe Right Strips?

Look for Breathe Right nasal strips in the cold and cough section of a supermarket around the country. They can be also bought online from different retail stores such as Walgreens, Amazon, CVS, Walmart, Drugstore, and GNC. Amazon sells Breathe Right Extra Clear Nasal Strips (26 Count) for $13.06.

My Final Summary

I am not going to recommend using Breathe Right Strips to anyone who has problems with nasal breathing. At first, you have to determine what is the initial problem. If it is treated, you could automatically improve your sleep. These strips seem to be completely ineffective in most cases. There are many users' complaints that they are too small in size and do not fit the nose. They are not too cheap especially when taking into account so little material used for making one strip. It is better to look for another solution of your nighttime congestion.

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