Diabazole Reviews - What Is It?

Susan Jackson

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Diabazole is a new dietary supplement that was designed to help diabetes patients to increase insulin sensitivity, control their blood sugar levels, and to maintain proper glucose levels. The official website of the product is badly made and does not offer important information about the ingredients in the supplement, as well as its possible side effects. The manufacturer is probably based somewhere in the USA, but the exact address is not available. The company behind the product is badly known. According to the manufacturer of Diabazole, this supplement can even help to combat diabetes due to the special blend of natural ingredients. But is this claim really true?

The product was developed to reverse potential side effects of diabetes and help the user control their life. The formula promises to decrease the recovery time after workouts and fitness. The supplement helps to reduce its negative symptoms and to manage your cholesterol levels and blood pressure, as well as decrease the impact of free radicals and prevent development of cancer. This dietary supplement is available in capsule form but let us check whether the ingredients are really natural and effective.

Ingredients of Diabazole - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The manufacturer of the product provides only an incomplete list of the components contained in it. Let us try to understand whether Diabazole is a legitimate supplement. It includes the following ingredients: Berberine, Turmeric, Piperine and Curcumin. Only berberine has some clinical support. According to some data, this ingredient may slightly decrease blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes. It is necessary to take at least 1,000-1,500mg of Barberine a day to experience positive effect. Unfortunately, it is unknown how much of this ingredient is contained in this medication.


Turmeric is another component of Diabazole. In fact, it is the major spice in curry. Many people believe that it may reduce inflammation and pain, however, this property has not been scientifically proven. No other benefits of turmeric are related to diabetes. Another ingredient is Piperine which is also known as black pepper extract). In fact, it is an additional component the function of which is to help the body to absorb the other Diabazole ingredients.

Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid. It helps to stop the damage of blood vessels caused by diabetes in patients with this condition. It also helps to prevent different complications of the illness, including chronic heart failure, kidney disease and eye diseases. Another ingredient in the supplement is Vitamin E (tocopherol) that is believed to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and heart attack. It also decreases diabetes symptoms and helps control glucose levels in blood.

Biotin is also known as vitamin H that is used as an additional ingredient of many dietary supplements used for many health conditions. The manufacturer claims that it helps to manage diabetes, but there is no clinical or scientific evidence to prove this fact. Magnesium is also known as magnesium oxide. This compound takes part in many processes in the human body including regulation of blood sugar levels. It is also said to promote proper blood pressure and prevent heart attacks.

Other components in the supplement include Licorice extract, Handal, Herb cinnamon powder, L-taurine, Yarrow, Banaba (1% extract) and many others. The full ingredient list can be found on the product's label only. As you can see, Diabazole contains a great variety of ingredients, however, only one of them (berberine) deals with diabetes. Still, it is not known what amounts of the ingredients are contained in the product.

The manufacturer claims that Diabazole can work without causing reverse effects but we are going to learn whether it is really so in the next part of the review. By looking at its active ingredients, I cannot say that it can significantly improve the health of a user and to control their blood sugar levels effectively. If you want to have proper levels of sugar in your blood healthy, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food, stay physically active and to avoid stresses.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

It is clear that there is no information about any possible side effects of the product on the official website. It don't think that it is a good sign. It may mean that the supplement is not natural completely or that it does not work as claimed by the company. There is no information on the dosage too. I managed to find out the truth about Diabazole. The product should be tolerated well by most adults but high doses of turmeric may lead to dizziness, nausea, upset stomach, or diarrhea.

Another ingredient of the product, Berberine, may be dangerous for people who take prescription medications to control their blood sugar levels on the regular basis. This may cause a sudden drop in blood sugar levels which can be risky for the user. To avoid possible side effects, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor. It is high time to have a look at some of the users' reviews.

"I have tried many different solutions to control my blood sugar levels, but nothing really helped me. Diabazole wasn't an exception. This solution didn't decrease my symptoms of diabetes. I haven't noticed any changes in my health as well."

"I decided to start taking diabazole in order to normalize my sugar levels in the blood and to improve my overall health but I am not satisfied with the results. On the contrary, I suffered from severe headache and nausea because of the supplement."

"What a terrible product. Diabazole did not only fail to lower my blood sugar levels, but it also made me feel so bad. I was almost vomiting after taking another dose of the product. Stay on the safe side and do not try this supplement."

"My condition of diabetes was getting worse with each day. I also have high blood pressure. Unfortunately, Diabazole did not meet my expectations. I cannot recommend this product to anyone."

Where To Buy Diabazole?

Diabazole can be bought from the official website. One bottle costs $50, two bottles cost $120, while four bottles cost $200. You will be offered a 14-day trial in which you will have to pay $5 for a 30-day supply of Diabazole. However, I don't recommend to get enrolled into it to avoid scam. You will not find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

I don't think that Diabazole can take care of your health because it has a lot of disadvantages. The product is not approved by the FDA. It cannot be used by people under the age of 18 years and it seems to be ineffective. Besides, some users report experiencing side effects when taking the supplement. Diabazole is not as effective as claimed, that is why you should not rely on this product to control or manage your diabetes.

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