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A single case of urine leakage may be forgotten but if it happens quite often you may have the condition of an overactive bladder. Women are more prone to the issue, despite their age. This can occur when laughing, coughing or sneezing. Some conditions like pregnancy, giving birth to a child and menopause may also be the reason for a lack of urine control. Let's have a scientific look at the process of urinating.

When you are urinating, the walls of your bladder contract or relax. These muscles should be well- toned for optimal urinary control. This could be controlled by drinking less fluids. Every person needs to drink two-three liters of water a day. It is half their body weight in ounces. For instance, if you weigh 150 pounds you should consume 75 ounces of water a day. Reduce the quantity of coffee, tea, and fizzy drinks. These drinks can make your bladder issues worse due to their diuretic effect.

What Is Flotrol and How The Product Called Flotrol Can Help?


The problem of an overactive bladder may be connected with a slight leakage or even more severe incontinence. It can range from an occasional leakage to an inability to control the process of urinating. Elderly people and women are at a higher risk to suffer from incontinence. For example, a woman may develop the condition after giving birth to a child. There are many ways to relieve the condition. For example, the modern market offers different urine-control supplements. One of the best ones is Flotrol. This natural product has been designed to fight the condition in both men and women.

Flotrol is an herbal supplement the main goal of which is to strengthen the human bladder. It was formulated to improve the overall health of the urinary tract. Its active ingredients include soy and pumpkin seed extract. These components have been used for many years to improve the health of bladder. This dietary supplement also contains other herbal ingredients that strengthen the bladder walls enabling them to contract and relax properly to provide normal urination. The product can successfully treat an overactive bladder and will help you forget about slight leakage or eve incontinence.

Ingredients of Flotrol - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

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The Manufacturer of Flotrol is a reputable company that belongs to the Natural Products Association. They started in 2002 and are dedicated to providing safe and effective products for health benefits. The brand is quite popular in the country due to the fact that they provide high-quality products that have undergone clinical testing for effectiveness and safety. The nutritional formula of Flotrol is completely natural, thus, it is not expected to cause any side effects. It can perfectly support the bladder of mature adults.

The formula uses clinically proven safe and effective ingredients. The two main components include pumpkin seed extract and soybean germ extract. These are natural compounds that have been used for many years of years to improve the work and health of bladder. Pumpkin seeds have been clinically proven to reduce the involuntary contractions of the bladder to prevent involuntary urine leakage. The function of Soybean germ extract is a bit different. This plant compound helps to increase the levels of estrogen, a hormone that strengthens bladder muscles for better urine flow and reduces pain linked to the process of urination.

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There was one big clinical study in which the participants were given a mixture containing pumpkin seed and soybean germ extract. The scientists took measurements for urination frequency during daytime and night time. It was found out that the remedy significantly improved urinary tract health and life quality of the participants just after one week of using the mixture. Thus, Flotrol works by strengthening bladder muscles improving the urinary tract health. This product is also beneficial for prostate health in men.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

As it was emphasized, Flotrol is a completely natural remedy against urine leakage. Its effectiveness has been scientifically proven and is backed up by clinical evidence. Thus, it can hardly cause any side effects or adverse reactions. On the contrary, it is highly beneficial for overall health of the user, not only for their bladder. It can significantly improve the quality of an individual's life, as this person can simply start living a normal life without any fear to experience urine leakage.

The formula of Flotrol is all-natural. That is all you need to know that the risk of side effects is minimal. Besides, both of the active ingredients in the supplement have been used for hundreds of years in traditional medicine which backs up their safety and effectiveness. The only possible side effect of the supplement is an allergic reaction due to pumpkin or soybean seed extract. It may occur in allergic people only.

The expert opinion concerning the use of Flotrol is very promising. It is based on the positive clinical evidence that proves the effectiveness of the active ingredients in the product. It means that it actually works, and this bladder control formula is worth using on a daily basis. In addition, there is positive feedback from numerous. People's positive testimonials are the best testament to the fact that this bladder control formula is effective. It can be used as an alternative to bladder control drugs because it is natural and safe. Let us have a look at what people are writing about their experience of using this supplement.

Why Should You Choose It?

If you don't have the problem of urinary incontinence, look around, maybe some of your friends or relatives may need this supplement. Flotrol naturally improves the control of your bladder due to its ability to relax the walls of this organ for proper functioning. It also helps to calm down the cramps in the bladder and to decrease any possible inflammation. People with bladder problems can now see light in the end of tunnel due to this supplement. It can really change their lives for better.


An overactive bladder has a negative impact on an individual's life. People who take Flotrol on a regular basis report that their problems end in just several weeks. Most of its users are satisfied with the results of the supplement. They claim experiencing fast relief when using Flotrol. Thus, if you suffer from urine leakage, this natural herbal remedy can be of great help to you. It will help you take control of your problems and improve the quality of your life.

How to Use Flotrol?

It is recommended to take five tablets of the supplement a day with meals. The duration of the treatment is two weeks. Then dosage can be decreased to three tablets of the product a day.

My Final Summary

Flotrol is a perfect remedy for people who suffer from urine leakage and those with bladder incontinence. It has a number of advantages. The formula is all-natural and clinically proven to be safe and effective. It can naturally strengthen bladder walls and improve the health of urinary tract in general. Flotrol is affordable and available on a number of websites. Its combination of soybean germ extract and pumpkin seed extract has been clinically proven to effectively improve bladder control. There is a lot of positive feedback on the supplement. One of the disadvantages of Flotrol is that the company doesn't offer a free trial offer. There is also no money back guarantee. I can certainly recommended this powerful product for the treatment of bladder incontinence.

Where To Buy Flotrol?

If you wish to buy this product, the only place for you to do it is online. You can buy it from the Official Website of the company. You are going to get the product for the best price.

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