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Most modern people face stress every day of their life, so it is very important to be able to deal with it correctly. The best way to do it is to take your time to relax but if you cannot afford it, your health will pay the price. Stress is associated with the following complications: cramps, spasms, muscle pain, and nervousness. If you are suffering from any of these issues, it is high time to take control of your body. You may need a drug that addresses your needs and makes sure that you are healthy and strong enough to perform well on a daily basis. You may want to use a natural solution because organic is always better, as it is known. One of the modern brands to address the upper mentioned issues is called Formula 303.

Before we discuss the product in detail let us take a look at who the manufacturer of the product is. Well, the company behind Formula 303 is known as Dee Cee Laboratories, Inc. and it is based in the US. The official website of the company doesn't really provide a lot of information about it. Little can be found on the internet. The product itself is featured on a wide range of various digital channels. This does bring some credibility; however, it is better to be more aware of the company. The site makes many promising claims, saying that it is the best sleep aid supplement on the market. The product has a lot of health benefits being a powerful relaxant for your muscle spasms. The relief is provided by natural ingredients which also help to control stress and tension within your body, particularly joints. It could be helpful for your muscle aches, lower back pain, and other kinds of pain.

Ingredients of Formula 303 - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The official website of the product does not provide much information about the ingredients found in the formula, but this brand of medicine provides relief for different health problems. The help you are going to get is claimed to be effective and safe. The manufacturer says that you don't need to worry about undesired side effects and put your health at risk. Is there really no need to worry about the complications that may arise with some other brands of meds? Are there any better and cheaper sleep aids over there to provide you with so the higher mentioned promises? To answer these questions it is necessary to take a look at the components in the product.

Formula 303

Valerian Root is the major ingredient in Formula 303. It has been used for a long period of time already mainly for calming nerves. People have noticed calming properties of this herb. It can also be used for the treatment of a variety of pains and aches as well as mood swings. In fact, practitioners of alternative medicine use this compound to treat upset stomach and to calm patients who suffer from stress. Very often Valerian has been used in the treatment of sleep problems (insomnia). However, the uses of this ingredient for treating stress, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, attention deficit disorder, tremors, menopause symptoms, epilepsy, and other conditions has not been proven with research. It is not certain if valerian root is effective in the treatment of any medical condition. Besides, medicinal use of this component has not been approved by the FDA. It can be linked with some side effects.

Passion Flower is mainly used as a sedative. It fights anxiety and stress. Those who suffer from insomnia or lose sleep often find this herb to be helpful. It is also used to treat ease muscle cramps, spasms, and decrease discomfort from menstrual cramps. Unfortunately, this ingredient may also cause a number of side effects. Magnesium is a mineral responsible for nerve function, thus it can be helpful when you are going through the tension. Unfortunately, we are not provided with the amounts of these ingredients in the product, which means that there is risk of overdosing. Let us take a look at possible adverse reactions associated with these ingredients.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Valerian Root may become a reason for an allergic reaction that includes the following symptoms: difficult breathing; hives; swelling of your tongue, lips, face, or throat. Valerian should not be used for a long period of time (up to eight weeks). One may face liver problems (upper stomach pain, nausea, itching, loss of appetite, tired feeling, dark urine, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes), clay-colored stools). Common side effects of this ingredient may include: daytime drowsiness, upset stomach; headache; thinking problems; feeling excited or uneasy; dry mouth; strange dreams. Passion Flower may be linked to such side effects as drowsiness, dizziness, confusion, vomiting, nausea, abnormal heart rate and rhythm, and decreased blood pressure. Since we are not aware of magnesium amount in the supplement there is high risk of overdose. The symptoms may include nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, irregular heartbeat, muscle weakness, low blood pressure, respiratory distress, urine retention, and cardiac arrest.

There are many customer reviews about the product on third-party websites, but the negative ones prevail. Most users report that the product is not as effective as desired. One man writes that he has been taking the pills five times a day since Friday and felt no relief. Formula 303 worked well for another user to relax the muscle but that person felt extremely nauseous after taking the supplement. As a matter of fact, many people ended up returning the supplement. Another complaint of the users is that these pills taste and smell really gross. A few users reported that they received nothing more but a headache when using this product. Let us take a look at the actual customer reviews.

"Formula 303 is a terrible muscle relaxer. It has not relieved my pain a bit or helped me with my sleep at night. Besides, it gave me certain side effects. I felt hang over in the morning and nausea during the day. I will not order this product anymore."

"Formula303 did not help me. I experienced horrible headaches with this product. I don't know if my headaches are linked to my age. One of my friends died at the age of 45 after having headaches. I stopped taking this supplement and my headaches decreased significantly. I do not recommend it to anyone."

"I don't like Formula 303 and the company's policy. After I ordered the product I was involuntarily signed up for an online membership to "shapementor". I had to call the customer service several times to have the fees refunded. I won't be ordering from this company again."

Where To Buy Formula 303?

The product can be ordered directly from the official website of the company or from some retail stores. Formula 303 (500 tablets) can be bought at the price of $119.00 plus free shipping from Amazon.

My Final Summary

Formula 303 has a number of disadvantages. Despite the promising claims, the supplement hasn't got any official recognition. Even though the product is made with natural ingredients, many users reported experiencing side effects and allergic reactions. Based on customer reputation, a lot of users reported that they did not notice any improvement in their sleep and muscle pains when taking this supplement. The product is hard to find at physical retailers. The company automatically enrolls a buyer into an autoship program. For many people it turned out to be a waste of money. Based on what we have learnt about Formula 303 I cannot recommend this this product to usage.

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