Herbalizer Reviews - What Is It?

Susan Jackson

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The Herbalizer is an aromatherapy device with a dual function. It can be used to vaporize the scent of essential oils in the room or to get you blunted on a favourite mix of psychoactive concentrates and herbs. It is said to be the gold standard of vaporizers that feature a speedy but quiet fan, a powerful heating element, and provide more functionality. Even though there is little information about the manufacturer of the product, it is claimed to be made in the USA. The device is designed by ex-NASA engineers, according to the official website of the product. This is proven by the Herbalizer's packaging and marketing materials. But while you can see where the design of the device is going, it is unclear how exactly it works. This will be described further in this review.

The design of the device is solid and futuristic. It has a shape of an egg and measures about a foot long and is self-contained. Its weight is about two pounds. The major controls are located under the flip-up, while its tools (stash box, chamber brush, aromatherapy disks, and essential oil storage and cheese grater) are held in the mezzanine level of the lid. The heating element heats very fast (it reaches the temperature of 380 degrees in just five seconds). The construction quality leaves much to be desired, though. The first thing you will see when you take the unit out of the box is that the badge on the lid doesn't sit flush. And while the heating element and fan are both top notch, other parts of the device rattles more than the dashboard of a Mercury Mountaineer. The device's lid is manufactured from cheap plastic; the accessory storage section is often falling open and spreading its contents all over the table.

Customer Reviews - Does The Herbalizer Really Work?


Of course, the official website of the product contains only positive customer reviews but, to my mind, they are not objective and may be fake. When I started searching for real users' testimonials on third-party websites, I found just a few of them. What does it mean? I think that the device is either not popular among its users or it is made by a not reputable company, thus, people are just afraid of buying it. The customers I managed to find report that the Herbalizer is very expensive for a product of this kind. Many users simply confess that it is not worth the money it costs. This vaporizer is not new on the market; it has been there for several years already. It seems strange that it has such a low customer reputation. Most customers on third-party websites are not satisfied with the unit's quality. They say that it is made from cheap materials and have a simple construction. At the same time, some customers confess that the controls on the device are not as intuitive as claimed by the manufacturer. To get started, you will need to open the lid and either select the aromatherapy option (dab a small amount of essential oil on and mount it in front of the fan) or vapor therapy option. The latter preheats the device. If you are using the unit for aromatherapy, select the amount of time the unit needs to run (from one minute to an hour) and choose either a low or high fan speed.

If you are using the Herbalizer for vapor therapy, choose the heating element temperature (from 290 to 445 degrees F) and switch the fan on. The unit can use either a silicon whip or a mylar bag. The whip is not expected to impart any taste to the vapor. Those bags fill in about twenty seconds and are able to hold about two liters of vapor. According to the manufacturer, the Herbalizer features fast heat-up time when compared to other desktop vape units. It can be used in five-ten seconds after you set the temperature. But in reality, the users report that the heating system needs much more time to heat the device. What people like about this desktop vaporizer is its versatility. You can use it with tobacco, dry herbs, e-juice and waxy concentrates. There are four different draw options for you to select the mode of your unit. You can use it in different ways too. The product comes with a 2-5 years of warranty; however, none of the unit's users reports success in using this guarantee. Other things they don't like about the Herbalizer include the fact that the storage section and upper lid are flimsy. They stay shut, don't close smoothly, or even fit together. The device features superfluous details, and the core functionality of the unit is solid. Let us take a look at the real customers' reviews left online.

"I have a problem with my Herbalizer, namely with its Herb Chamber. The matter is that the magnet came out of its bottom and I cannot get it back in. The chamber needs to be held on magnetically to the base of the device where the heat is produced, but my magnet just popped out. It doesn't stay connected. I was trying to understand how to get it back in, but it seems to be glued in. I think the only way out is to buy a whole new bowl piece, but it is too expensive. The device still works but I have to hold the bowl when using it."

"My herbalizer always looks very dirty and this drives me crazy. Actually, it is white inside and the tubing is white too. The problem is that it starts to look dirty after a few uses only. Herb speckles are accumulated in the front area and when I put the whip inside it can leave residue on the walls. This vape looks elegant, but whenever I open it to use it, I can see that it is filthy again. And I have to clean it really often. That's frustrating because I don't like the process. I usually can't get off everything accumulated on the white surfaces."

"My Herbalizer came with a plastic tray in the top, but it is lame. It doesn't even fit the quality of the vape, it is cheap and flimsy. But what is worse is that there is no real good use for it, this tray can only be used to hold some of the aromatherapy crap. It is not useful, so I took it off by unscrewing one part in the back. The lid came off. Besides, my vape's cooling fan is the most annoying thing I've used. I had to disconnect that loud fan, as I couldn't bear that noise anymore. It also turned on and off whenever it wanted."

Where To Buy Herbalizer?

The Herbalizer used to cost $730, but nowadays it is cheaper; however, the manufacturer does not list the price on its official website. I don't think that it is much lower. For comparison, Vocanoes run from $400 with the "classic" analog model up to $620. This is much cheaper. $730 is certainly too much for a device of this level. Save your cash and buy another vape.

My Final Summary

The Herbalizer features a number of drawbacks. First, of all, its price is too high. Some of the unit's parts are not of the highest quality and leave much to be desired. The device attracts dirt, so be ready to clean it after each usage. Cleaning the system may not be as easy as claimed by the manufacturer. You may need to use a little ISO alcohol on. The fan of the Herbalizer operates quite loudly and can even turn on and off whenever it wants. It can be irritating to some users. Vapor performance may be associated with some issues, according to actual customers' reviews. We don't like that this device does not work as promised by the company behind it. Thus, we cannot recommend the Herbalizer to buying. If you need a high-end desktop vaporizer, you will need to look for other options available on the market.

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