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Susan Jackson

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Do you want to have a whiter smile? There are many types of toothpaste that could be helpful for you due to the content of hydrogen peroxide. But what if your teeth and gums are too sensitive? The company called HiSmile claims to manufacture a collection of peroxide-free products specially created for teeth whitening. These use sodium bicarbonate which is said to be a pain-free alternative to hydrogen peroxide. This substance is promised not to cause any irritation to your gums and mouth in general. The company claims that their teeth whitening systems are able to bring fast noticeable results in a gentle way. You will need ten 10 minutes a day to remove stains from the surface of your teeth and make them up to six shades whiter within just six applications.

All this sounds really fantastic, but can HiSmile really provide such positive results? The company behind the products is not reputable or well-known in the country, thus, it cannot be trusted completely. The official website is not informative but it provides clinically proven results that their teeth-whitening systems serve patented mouth guard, are easy and safe to use, as well as can effective whiten your teeth with no need to visit a dentist. But before you spend your money, you will need to consider some important things about HiSmile. First, we will discuss the ingredients used in their products.

Ingredients of HiSmile - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?


As it was already mentioned, most at-home teeth whitening systems use carbamide peroxide as the main whitening ingredient; however, this substance can break down into hydrogen peroxide, which creates an oxidation reaction. The latter dissolves stains and removes them. It can be harmful for people with sensitive gums, though. HiSmile uses sodium bicarbonate that is commonly known as baking soda. It mainly acts as a mild abrasive able to scrub away stains from the teeth. In terms of effectiveness, it is generally less effective than carbamide/hydrogen peroxide, especially when it comes to older stains or those located deeper within your teeth. However, sodium bicarbonate is said to be less harmful for the teeth, as it cannot can cause tooth and gum sensitivity, at least according to the manufacturer.

However, lately peroxide has undergone clinical testing that concluded that this substance is very safe for use in whitening products. It does not cause any serious damage to receding gums or tooth enamel. Sodium bicarbonate used in HiSmile is an abrasive but its extended use can cause irreparable damage of enamel. Even though you might not feel any immediate gum or tooth sensitivity, but using a baking soda-bases whitening system for a long period of time can be more harmful to human teeth than peroxide-based. It means that peroxide-based whitening products will provide you with safer and faster whitening results than those offered by HiSmile. Still, it is suitable for people who don't suffer from gum or tooth sensitivity.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Considering the term during which the company has been on the market and its active Instagram page with dozens of before and after pictures and endorsements, there wasn't much feedback about HiSmile at the time of our research. There wasn't even anything worthy outside of independent blogs. The company itself isn't listed with the BBB. One of the sites that analyzed the product was TheBlondePerfectionist. It mentioned that HiSmile was very easy to use and that some users really experienced possible results after the second application already. InsincerelyHer also said that the product worked rather fast and provided users with more white teeth, in weeks, not after the first application as the company promised. But is the product effective for all users? PetiteAnchors readers didn't see a lot of difference using HiSmile, and some of them even claimed that it did not change their teeth colouring. One woman noted that before that she had undergone a few professional whitening treatments and many at-home treatments, but HiSmile made no difference to the coloring of her teeth.

One customer shared his experience on one of the third-party websites. He placed his order thirteen days before and did not receive his order yet! He sent them numerous emails in which he asked for a refund. He was told a week for a refund! They are quick to take your money but they are not so quick to give it back! The man has pleaded with them on Facebook, in email but no one cares. The customer is upset and feels like this is a scam. Another customer claims that their service is terrible! She ordered her parcel the 21st of November she still hadn't received it on 15th of December. The woman wanted so much to have her teeth white for Christmas. She called the customer service to ask for a solution but they did not give any. It is specified on their website that the product arrives in 6-8 business days. She is not pleased with this company at all. Let us take a look at what other people think about it and their product.

"The company is just a bunch of artists who use social media to fill their pockets with money. HiSmile does not work at all. It may sound strange with 1000 reviews with 5 stars but it is really so. The product is garbage. Their return policy looks more like an approval process. You have to take before and after pics, send them in. If they notice that your teeth have become any white, no money back! The shipping from and to Austraila will cost you quite a penny"

"I bought Hi Smile kit as I believed all these 5-star reviews on the website that their products are great. I have done the 6-day gel but my teeth have not become any whiter. There are very few real reviews from people. It is a shame. I was going to buy more products from the company, but now I will not. I cannot recommend this company to anyone"

"I placed an order on their official website on the 24th of November to use the purchase as a Christmas gift for my mom. I was given a tracking number 10 days after placing my order. It was stated that my order is in the courier on the 8th of December. I was angry because their delivery should take no more than eight business days. I tried to track my parcel but I failed to find it on the website of the delivering company. There is no contact number on the Hismile site"

Where To Buy HiSmile?

The company offers four products. Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Kit contains three whitening gel syringes, one mouth guard, one LED light, one teeth whitening shade guide and one step-by-step instruction manual. It is priced at $80 AUD (about $57 USD). Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Gels include three syringes pre-filled with the gel (for 6-9 applications). You can order a one-time purchase for $40 AUD (about $29 USD). Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Pen costs $35 AUD (about $25 USD). You can buy LED Light and Mouth Guard for $60 AUD (about $43 USD). You will not find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

Summing everything said, it can be concluded that HiSmile cannot provide you with a whiter smile or remove stains from your enamel. None of the company's products can provide you with positive whitening results faster or better than hydrogen peroxide. But if tooth and gum sensitivity is a big concern for you, then baking soda-based products are the only right option for you. At the same time, you could achieve similar results using a DIY baking soda paste, than HiSmile's expensive products. Instagram page has hundreds of satisfied customers but these seem to be fake reviews. Their money back guarantee appears to be a lie. With this in mind, I cannot recommend HiSmile.

Affordable Alternative

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