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KSM-66, also called Ashwagandha or "Indian Ginseng" is an Indian herb that is believed to facilitate learning, reduce stress and improve memory. It is also considered to possess antioxidant properties due to which it decreases the negative impact of free radicals by removing them from the human body. It promotes destroying of pathogens by the macrophage cells. The product acts like GABA reducing activity in the central nervous system and providing a calm focus. KSM-66 belongs to the category of Herbal Supplements. It is also known as Indian Ginseng, Withania Somnifera, Winter Cherry, Smell of Horse, Dunal, Sensoril and Solanaceae. This is a supplement that will help you to fight anxiety and stress while promoting a healthier body and mind. Ashwagandha has been used in Ayurvedic (Indian) medicine due to its ability to provide relaxation while decreasing depression, as well as combating different diseases. Let's drive into what Ashwagandha has to offer and how it works.

The manufacturer of the supplement is badly known and is not reputable or popular in the country. It means that the company cannot be trusted to the fullest. There is an official website that is not informative when it comes to the description of the basic ingredients used in the supplement or to the list of possible side effects. The company provides information about all of the benefits of KSM-66. This is an Anxiolytic, which means that it has anti-stress effects. Because of this, it could lock any impulses linked to depression and improve mood. It also enhances your ability to respond and deal with stress. Thus, the product can be beneficial for people who are under extreme stress, depressed, or those who need an improvement in their social interactions and mood. Ashwagandha is said to be good for sleep and relaxation, brain health and inflammation reduction. To find out whether this product is really working, let us take a look at its ingredients.

Ingredients of KSM-66 - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?


The manufacturer of KSM-66 does not provide information about all the ingredients on the official website contained in the supplement. It is only said that the product contains only organic KSM-66 ashwagandha root and ashwagandha powder. The supplement is said to provide the best results in its potency in terms of increased mental clarity, improved healthy fatigue and stress responses, better male and female sexual health, and enhanced immune system. The company has standardized the root to contain 5% withanolides, natural compounds with such nutritional benefits, as the suppression of cancer cell growth, as well as anti-inflammation and antioxidant properties. According to the manufacturer, each capsule contains 15 mg of these compounds. The product is said not to contain any additional ingredients or additives beyond organic rice flour. It is claimed not to cause any side effects and to be suitable even for vegans.

KSM-66 has its pharmacological benefits due to its major ingredients - the withanolides withaferin A and withanolide D. This is a group of nearly 300 natural chemical compounds with medicinal properties. Withaferin A has anti-angiogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. There is a belief that Ashwagandha boosts libido in men but it sounds like an anecdote more. Each capsule contains 600mg of KSM-66 Ashwagandha with 5% Withanolides (more than 30mg per serving). There is lack of clinical studies demonstrating health benefits in reduced anxiety and stress, better focus, increased energy levels, and improved sexual function for both sexes. The product is said to be made from certified organic and non-gmo Ashwagandha root, plant derived capsules and water; however, it is unknown exactly what the sources of all of these ingredients are. The supplement may contain trace amounts of milk, which should be a caution for allergic people. Let us take a look at possible side effects of the product and at the real users' reviews found on third-party websites.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

According to the manufacturer of KSM-66, the supplement contains no additives, additional ingredients, GMO products or anything of the kind. However, this does not necessarily mean that the product is free from any side effects. But even completely natural products may potentially cause allergic reactions and undesired effects, especially in sensitive people. Thus, the product should be avoided by pregnant and breast-feeding women. Some people may experience drowsiness and sleepiness when using this supplement. It should be taken to account that KSM-66 may increase the effects of Barbiturate drugs. There are not so many real customers' reviews about the product; however, many of them are negative in character.

"KSM-66 caused health issues even though I have been taking it for just a few days. I suffered from digestive issues such as stomach cramps and diarrhea. These problems disappeared within 24 hours of my stopping to use the product. It can be concluded that Ashwagandha can lead to health problems. I also discovered that all the positive customer reviews for this supplement should not be trusted completely. Many of them are fake. If you decide to try this product, you should start with a minimum dose to make sure that you don't have any ill effects from the product"

"KSM66 helped me with my sleep, but it made me feel very sick. I became extremely nauseous while taking it. I stopped using the product for a few weeks and got rid of my nausea. I decided to start using it again and developed a severe nausea, vomiting and migraine. Those symptoms did not leave me for a week. This product is not worth taking even though it has improved my sleep. I do not recommend this supplement to anyone"

"I bought KSM 66 through Amazon, since the manufacturer doesn't ship to my country. It makes me feel lighter in my head, but I often feel irritation of my stomach after taking the product. When I stop taking it, my issues fade away. My stomachache may be too strong, so I decided to stop taking the supplement. I also noticed that this product made my blood pressure go high, and I feel anxious all the time. My cardiologist recommended me to stop taking it"

Where To Buy KSM-66?

You can buy the product at most supplement stores such as Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Whole Foods, GNC in the United States and Canada. It is available in capsule (Sensoril leaf extract 10%), powder (crushed Ashwagandha root extract at 2.5%), pill, or liquid form. Pills and capsules may be easier to administer but if you want to save your money, you may opt for powder. Buy the KSM-66 extract which is patented, since it's your health that depends on this product. A patented version is usually tested for heavy metals and is safer for your health. The price of KSM-66 Ashwagandha 600mg from DailyNutra if $29 on Amazon. KSM-66 Ashwagandha Extract Powder costs $10.

My Final Summary

KSM-66 Ashwagandha is a high-concentration extract that is claimed to have been researched and developed within fourteen years; however, this has not made the product completely safe to use. Many people who have tried it report having experienced certain side effects and adverse reactions. Not all of the supplement's constituents are natural; there are some chemicals too. There is lack of data supporting the effectiveness and safety of the ingredients used in the supplement. More extensive studies are required for proving whether the product is safe and effective to use. At present, KSM-66 cannot be recommended to buying. The modern market offers a wide variety of proven products with the same properties for you to choose from.

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