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MigreLief (was also known as MigreLieve and MigreHealth) is a patented combination of three natural ingredients. They are claimed to be a part of double-blind, placebo controlled clinical studies published in popular medical journals. They have shown to be beneficial for people suffering from migraine. The supplement contains Magnesium (citrate and oxide) 360mg/day, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 400mg/day and Puracol Feverfew (proprietary extract and whole leaf) 100mg/day. Beside high dose riboflavin, the product also contains a definite combination of two forms of magnesium. MigreLief contains Puracol which represents feverfew extract. According to some research studies, half of all migraine sufferers have low levels of Magnesium in their blood. This compound is important for controlling vasospasms (the dilation and contraction of blood vessels in the human brain during migraines).

It is also known that migraine sufferers suffer from mitochondrial energy deficiencies. Riboflavin promises to improve this condition but only when taken in high dosages. Feverfew was shown to reduce platelet aggregation, which can cause vasoconstriction. The product's ingredients have been recommended by different headache specialists. MigreLief combines these ingredients into one pill formula, which is convenient to take. You will need to take only one product (two tablets per day). This supplement also contains high levels of other dietary ingredients such as parthenolides. The official website of the supplement does not provide much information about the ingredients in the product but it claims that there is no milk, yeast, corn, gluten, wheat, soy, salt, sodium, sugar, preservatives, flavorings, or artificial colors in the formula. Is MigreLief really effective as promised by the manufacturer? To find an answer to this question, let us take a deeper look at the components of the product.

Ingredients of MigreLief - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

According to the official site of the product, two tablets provide Magnesium (Citrate/Oxide 1:1) - 360mg, which is 90% of U.S. RDA; Puracol Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) - 100 mg; Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) - 400 mg, which is 23,525% of U.S. RDA. RDA stands for recommended daily allowance. However, it should be remembered that MigreLief is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. Since the manufacturer does not provide enough information about the ingredients found in the formula, we have done our own research and this is what we found out. Magnesium is a nutritional compound with many effects for cerebrovascular tone, including interference with synthesis, production, and action of inflammatory mediators; inhibition of platelet aggregation; direct alterations of cerebrovascular tone; stabilization of cell membranes and inhibition of vasospasm. Some people with poor cerebrovascular tone have low levels of magnesium in their brain. Recommended daily dosage of this mineral is 200-600 mg. Some double blind placebo controlled studies have shown that oral magnesium is beneficial for migraine sufferers. However, even this beneficial compound may be linked to some side effects, which will be described further.


Riboflavin is also known as vitamin B-2, which is a precursor of flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD). This coenzyme is a vital component of the electron-transport chain, which is important for proper cerebrovascular tone. Any defect may be improved by riboflavin that promotes the activity of the electron-transport chain. There is 400mg of Riboflavin in the MigreLief formula, which is more than most multi-vitamins offer. Higher doses of riboflavin can be nutritionally beneficial for people with migraines but they may lead to some adverse reactions too. Puracol Feverfew found in the product is known for its ability to maintain cerebrovascular tone, since it is rich in compounds called sesquiterpene lactones. Some studies of feverfew extracts yielded no significant health benefits. There is lack of studies to prove the benefits of feverfew for cerebrovasular tone in the long run. Thus, you are recommended to consult your doctor before usage.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

There is lack of information about potential side effects of MigreLief on the official website of the manufacturer. Thus, we have researched the topic ourselves and found out that some individuals may be allergic to some ingredients in the product. So, if you are allergic to any of the components, stop taking the product. Some people can suffer from gastro-intestinal upset when taking this supplement. There is high chance of having transient diarrhea when consuming magnesium. Another ingredient in the product, Riboflavin (Vitamin B-2), can make urine bright yellow. Some people can feel tired, achy, and have a headache if they stop taking feverfew. So, it is recommended to taper off gradually. MigreLief should be discontinued at least two weeks before surgery, since this product can cause excessive bleeding. It should not be used during pregnancy, lactation or by kids under two years of age.

There are many real users' testimonials about the product online. Unfortunately, we have encountered a significant number of those who have not notice any difference in their migraines after taking the product for several months. If you really suffer from migraines, you will need a very strong drug to relive the pain. Some customers report that the ingredients in the product have been changed; however, labeling has not changed at all. Feverfew has been replaced by CoQ10. Probably, due to these changes, the product is not effective for migraines any more. A few individuals turned out to be very sensitive to the remedy. Let us take a look at the actual customers' testimonials found on third-party websites.

"Initially I was going to give MigreLief five stars but recently I was disappointed in this brand. I have been using this for about a year but a few weeks ago they removed Feverfew from the formula. Instead they added Co q-10 without even notifying their customers. My neurologist said they are not the original makers of the product. A company called Akeso is. But Quantum was buying the capsules from Akeso. I have bought the same bottle every time, and not it has a completely new formula. Due to this change, I have had an increase in migraines and headaches."

"I have been using Migre Lief for years, and now I am unpleasantly surprised with the new formula of this product. It contains a different ingredient, coq10 instead of feverfew. I bought the product from Amazon but I decided to call to the manufacturer to find out what had happened. I spoke with Brian who told me to return that product to Amazon. But the problem is that all the retail stores and the manufacturer sells the same formula."

"I tried their new formula of Migrelief and did not like it at all. It did not relieve my headache but made it even more intensive. This formula is clearly not for me. It is obvious that they have made the formula cheaper and less effective. Now I have two bottles of unused product. It is too expensive too."

Where To Buy MigreLief?

The supplement can be bought directly from the official website or some retail stores. The price may vary from store to store. For instance, NHC sells MigRelief (60 caplets in a container, 30 servings) for $19.99.

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learnt about MigRelief, this product does not appear to be good at relieving sufferings of people with migraines. There are many complaints associated with the changed formula in which the active ingredient was changed into another one. We have encountered a great number of customer reviews reporting experiencing side effects. Some people say that this product actually made their migraines more frequent and severe. This is not an all-natural product as claimed by the manufacturer. By the way, the company has changed the ingredients in the formula without notifying their customers. With all this in mind, I cannot recommend MigRelief to buying.

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