Revitol Dermasis Reviews

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Nobody knows the exact cause of psoriasis to the full extent, but scientists think that this skin disease psoriasis can be the result of such factors, as the environment, genetics, and the immune system. About 10% of the earth's population inherit one or more genes that make these people prone to having psoriasis, but only 2% to 3% of these population with the gene develop the issue. If we take a look at the genetic link, we will see that people suffering from psoriasis, usually have another person in their family with the same disease. Certain environmental factors may activate the psoriasis genes, including infection (thrush or strep throat), injury to skin (severe sunburns, scrapes, cuts, bug bites), stress, certain medications (antimalarials, lithium, indomethacin, quinidine).

There can also be a relationship between your immune system and psoriasis. The major task of your immune system is to protect you from any sort of "intruder", for example, a cold virus. But sometimes the immune system attacks body's healthy cells perceiving them for intruders. When a person has psoriasis, their immune system is too active. This leads to inflammation in the body, which can be the reason of the symptoms on the skin. The body starts producing more healthy cells than normal. Those accumulate on the surface of your skin which causes uncomfortable symptoms. Usually, one cycle of skin cells takes about a month but in case with psoriasis, it takes days. When the human body is unable to shed skin cells quickly enough, they build up on the skin surface. The thick, red patches are called plaques.

What Is Revitol Dermasis and How The Product Called Dermasis Can Help?

Revitol Dermasis

According to statistics, more than 5 million Americans have psoriasis and spend about 1.6 billion dollars to treat their condition per year. At present, there is no effective treatment for psoriasis, but some products can be really helpful. Usually they are used to improve the natural regenerating process of the skin. Revitol Dermasis psoriasis cream is one of the best products on the modern market. It is a natural alternative to traditional psoriasis treatments. It contains 2% salicylic acid, tea tree oil, palm oil and other organic ingredients which stimulate the regeneration process in the skin and form a protective layer on its surface. This cream controls psoriasis symptoms under without causing dryness, irritation, or leaving a greasy film.

Revitol dermasis psoriasis cream reduces the visible marks of psoriasis, naturally removes skin layers affected by psoriasis, moisturizes the skin, soothes and conditions it. The cream's formula is enriched with moisturizing and soothing agents that don't cause dryness of your skin. Besides, the formula is natural and does not contain any harsh chemicals. This remedy will help you to cope with burning, flaking, itching, and dry skin. The compounds of Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream also help to control the flaking and scaling, as well as heal the skin naturally. The main component in the product is FDA-approved. It is a non-greasy solution with natural pH balancers which fight the symptoms of psoriasis for a reasonable price.

Ingredients of Revitol Dermasis - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

palm oil

Revitol Dermasis is made by an old reputable company which can be trusted. It uses only high-quality ingredients for creating the cream. There are a several ingredients that are specially selected to work together to bring you the most relief for the low cost. Let us have a look at these ingredients. 2% Salicylic Acid is the main ingredient in the cream. It is approved by the FDA and is allowed to be used for the treatment of psoriasis. You can see this component in many different prescription and over-the-counter creams used for the treatment of psoriasis. This ingredient stimulates the separation of the dead skin cells from the living ones. This helps to decease the itching and the scaling which cause so much concern.

salicylic acid

Palm oil is another ingredient in this anti-psoriasis cream. It can deeply penetrate into your skin and create a thin guard layer that protects your skin and makes it much smoother. The next component of the product is Vitamin E Acetate which possesses antioxidant properties and moisturizes your skin. It also protects the skin from UV Damage. Another ingredient in the cream is Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia). This oil assists to make the skin healthy and smooth. Probably, this is the reason why this compound has been used for skin care for many years.

tea tree

Revitol Dermasis cream also contains a variety of other ingredients all of which are meant to naturally emolliate, moisturize, and balance the PH level in your skin. It is guaranteed that within weeks, your skin will get a better look and smoother feeling.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Revitol Dermasis is a completely natural product that is created to relieve such symptoms of psoriasis as itching and scaly feeling. It is a very affordable product in terms of the price. Now when you know what ingredients are contained in Revitol Dermasis, you will probably want to ensure if it really works. Let us take a look at the opinions of other people about this product to better understand whether this cream for psoriasis is effective and safe to use.

Why Should You Choose It?

I you have a problem of psoriasis, hurry up to get a bottle of Dermasis. This reasonable-priced over-the-counter treatment moisturizes and heals the skin as soon as you apply it. You will feel relief within several days. To get permanent results, you are advised to use the product for a few weeks.


Unlike other psoriasis remedies, Revitol Dermasis is natural and contains no chemicals. The company behind the product is completely transparent. All of the ingredients are available on the official website. There is no need to worry about side effects because of the cream.

How to Use Revitol Dermasis?

It is recommended to apply the cream onto the dry and clean skin two times a day, in the morning and in the evening. Wait for the cream to absorb before putting on your clothes. You are expected to feel relief in two of three days already.

My Final Summary

At present, there is no effective treatment for psoriasis but you can fight symptoms accompanying this condition by Revitol Dermasis. It is a natural solution liked by many people and is associated with numerous positive users' reviews. This product relieves the psoriasis symptoms without known side effects. According to the customer reviews, this cream can help you to enjoy your life again. It brings relief from pain, itching, and embarrassment caused by psoriasis. If you are tired of your condition, you should give this cream a try. I think you will like the effect.

Where To Buy Revitol Dermasis?

If you wish to buy Dermasis, the only place for you to do it is online. You can buy it from the Official Website of the company. You are going to get the product for the best price.

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