Smile Generation Reviews - What Is It?

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No matter what kind of dental services you need (cosmetic dentistry, routine dental care, etc.), Smile Generation promises to help you find a high-rate dentist, periodontist, orthodontist, oral surgeon, or endontist in your location. The company claims that their services will fit your schedule and guarantee an exceptional experience to each patient. Every dentist of theirs is claimed to meet the promise, setting new standards in dental care, provide trustworthy service and have respect for your time. Will Smile Generation's dentists really help you achieve a smile of your life? Won't you have to pay through the nose for their services? Let us find out but at first it is important to check what type of dentists the company offers.

To start using their official website, you will need to enter your state, city, or zip into the search box, choose a radius for your results. These results can be narrowed by filtering for specialties such as orthodontics, single-visit crowns, and children's dentists. The company claims to work with the best private dental practices that even use digital x-rays producing up to 90% less radiation that traditional x-rays. Their dentists are said to use advanced intraoral cameras and sterilization techniques, as well as an electronic records system. You can get a crown within a single visit only. Smile Generation is not a referral service, which means that their dental professionals do not pay a fee to be listed on their website. Their dentists are actually part of the company. However, there's no clear explanation of the company's business model on the site, though.

Customer Reviews - Does Smile Generation Really Work? Is It a Scam?

As it was already mentioned, the service appears to be a sub-company of Pacific Dental Services. Independent dental offices can become its part after signing up, but even after that they retain their initial name. There is an extremely low number of online customer reviews linked to Smile Generation; however, we managed to make our own research. We found some reviews at RipoffReport, Yelp, YP, DentistDig, and many other websites. It can be concluded that Smile Generation dentists are more worried about signing you up for a plan than providing you high-quality care. Many customers complained about high prices and hard sell techniques. They often faced them during their visits while sitting in the chair. Some dentists even required signing financing paperwork. Thus, the company has a mostly negative customer reputation online.

Smile Generation

Other common complaints about Smile Generation referenced performing unnecessary procedures (crowns, deep cleanings, etc.) and failure to honor coupons or other discounts, and others. We found several reviews from former employees reporting that the offices impose the services on their customers that they do not need at all. In this way, it looks like a numbers game more. One consumer writes in his review that they offered him a terrible payment plan. He found out that if he wanted to use his credit card in order to pay for the service, they would charge him $9.00 every time. The man has contacted them several times and was always unhappy with the terrible customer service. He asks everyone not to use this service saying that it is a scam. One woman reports that her husband addressed Smile Generation when his tooth cracked on popcorn. He suffered from serious pain. One of their dentists, Dr. Kramer, decided that he needed a root canal and two crowns for the price of more than $4500. This service should cost about $2000, to the woman's mind. They are over changing or doing unnecessary work. The representatives of the company made him sign up for their credit card saying that they would not do the work otherwise. This is a very poor business and a bad way to earn money. Let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews left online.

"Smile Generation have too high fees and awful customer service. My original bill was $345, but in reality I have already paid more than $500. I thought that I had paid them off everything only to find that more fees were added. They said that I had missed the deadline, even though it was not true. This company needs to be investigated, since they use terrible practices. I do not recommend them and their dentists to. Beware!"

"I had a dental procedure via SmileGeneration and I am very unhappy. I was expected to have an interest-free service for a year, but as a result I paid hundreds of dollars. I paid off the bill but a few days later I received a bill for finance charges. As called the customer service but according to their terms of services agreement, they do not warn about charging your credit card. Avoid this horrid and dishonest company, otherwise you will end up paying out the nose!"

"I was overcharged by one of the smile generation dental offices last year. I submitted the docs proving that I was overcharged but they sided with the dental office without any reason. I am still disputing the charge. I will never use this company's services again and I would not recommend this it to anyone too"

Where To Buy Smile Generation?

Your payment for your dental services depends primarily on the procedure itself and your dental history. The company promises to provide a Smile Generation Financial Credit Card that is expected to help you divide the cost into monthly payments. The standard variable APR is 22.98%. One can sign up for the My Smile Dental Plan that often provides discounts on specialty services and routine visits for the whole family. If you are planning to schedule an appointment with a Smile Generation dentist, check the section of special offers on their official website. You will not find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

If you have a limited sum of money and you are looking to finance your dental procedure, I have enough doubts to say that Smile Generation is not a good option for you. It is important to remember that the modern market is full of different dental practices offering in-house financing with low or no interest charges. It is recommended to study each of these options before choosing the best dental plan. Investigate other websites providing this very service before making a final decision. Many online customers say that Smile Generation practices focus more on meeting their quotas and making their numbers than on providing high-quality dental procedures. Be sure to look for the practice's name elsewhere online to see what other people say about their experiences. At present I cannot recommend Smile Generation.

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