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TBX-Free is a laboratory-developed product that is claimed to work almost instantly and to deliver nicotine replacement therapy fast and effectively. It uses revolutionary film strip delivery technology that is said to be able to help you stop smoking with no side effects. According to the company behind the product, this homeopathic treatment is available in a small dispenser that can be taken with you in your pocket wherever you go. Whenever you feel a desire to smoke you can just take a strip, put it on your tongue, let it dissolve, and ease your craving. The product works by releasing the active ingredient that enters human blood stream and works on a molecular level. The company behind the product is called Redwood Scientific Technologies. It is based out of Claremont, CA and makes a line of products that utilize the same dissolvable strip technology, including Comfort Time, Prolongz, and Sumnusent.

According to the manufacturer, their TBX-Free strips have an 88 percent success rate and are actually the #1 choice of smokers in the USA. Are they as effective as claimed by the company? We are going to answer this question further but at first let's take a look at the basics. It is clear why you are looking for a nicotine-free method of giving up smoking. The matter is that traditional options like gums and patches may keep you on a cycle of addiction from one nicotine-based product to another. These products are usually very expensive. To understand whether HX-Free's strips can really provide a fast fix for your cravings let us discuss the ingredients found in this product in the next part of this review. We are going to explore concept immediately.

Ingredients of TBX-Free - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The TBX-Free official website does not list any ingredients contained in the product, so we had to consult the U.S. National Library of Medicine. We found out that each strip contains 8mg of cytisine, a chemical found in the golden rain tree seeds that functions as a nicotinic receptor agonist. It mimics the action of nicotine at certain receptor sites in the human brain. There are some inactive ingredients including licorice, natural mint extract, pullulan, menthol, sugar, and aspartame. Speaking about the available clinical support, it is necessary to say that such authoritative websites like WebMD, the Natural Medicines Database, and Examine.com didn't provide standalone listings for cytosine. A 2014 article published by HealthDay News showed that 40 percent of 1,300 participants, who were taking cytisine pills hadn't smoked, compared with 31% of individuals who used nicotine replacement therapy. More than 110 studies for cytisine smoking showed that cytisine helps smokers to quit the habit.


What we are concerned about is that the manufacturer of TBX-Free didn't provide any scientific evidence on their official website proving that their product could provide the same feeling as if you are smoking a real cigarette, or that it can deliver an 88% cure rate. We contacted the company to get more details and we were not responded. While the company doesn't provide any clinical support, they only claim that cytisine mimics the feeling obtained when smoking nicotine cigarettes. This is a vague claim. While the official website says that the technology of TBX-Free's dissolvable film strip delivery is revolutionary, you can easily find a similar technology in many other products like vitamins, pain relievers, breath fresheners, and sleep aids. Can TBX-Free cause any side effects? Let's answer this question further in this review.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of TBX-Free claims that the product won't cause any side effects or adverse reactions. Since cytisine is a relatively new ingredient, WebMD, the Natural Medicines Database, and Examine.com contains not information about it. This component was mentioned in the 2014 New Zealand cytosine study. It concluded that cytisine could be used as nicotine-replacement therapy in assisting smokers to give up smoking. However it was associated with a high risk of adverse events like sleep disorders, vomiting, and nausea. The U.S. National Library of Medicine does not recommend taking TBX-Free if you are using any depression or asthma prescription medications, other smoking cessation products, or if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in this product. Consult your doctor if you have an irregular heartbeat, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stomach ulcers, or allergies to other medications. No drug interactions of cytosine are known; however, you are still advised to speak to your healthcare professional before taking TBX-Free.

There are some customer reviews on the product online. Amazon contains more than 375 customer reviews and gives it an average rating of 3.6 stars. You can encounter both compliments and complaints related to TBX-Free. Some users noticed reduced smoking, little cravings and withdrawal symptoms. At the same time, there are also complaints around high price of the product and no results. There are 36,000 product followers on Facebook. The company had a C- rating with the Better Business Bureau and 31 closed complaints. Most of them are related to the unfair autoship program. You will not necessarily have the same experience with TBX-Free. Let's take a look at the actual customers' reviews available online.

"This is a bad scam company! I ordered TBX-Free and only received part of my order. I indicated that it was a one-time order, but a month later I got a notice that another product had been sent. I informed my credit card company, received my money back, and sent the order back when it arrived two weeks later. After two months they did the same again! This bunch of thieves causes a lot of headache to me."

"I ordered a 3-month supply of TBX Free. Three months later they charged me $127.95 under a different name. They did not even notify me. I called my bank and they started an investigation. I learnt that they sent me another three-month supply without my knowledge. I called them to complain and was told to send the product back if I wanted to get a full refund. Stop sending me your products!"

"TBXFree doesn't do what it is supposed to do. This product didn't influence my craving to smoke. They say that if you smoke after using a strip your cigarette will taste terrible, but it tastes as usual. I switched to Tic Tacs. It has reduced my smoking by 80%. I will continue using it."

Where To Buy TBX-Free?

A one-month supply (120 film strips) of TBX-Free can be bought from the official website for $49.95. It is available in tobacco, menthol, or classic flavors. You are also going to get a user guide and a dosage guide with your order. All TBX-Free purchases are enrolled in a recurring shipping program on an automatical basis. It means that you will get a new supply of these strips each month, and your card will be charged $49.95. It is recommended to use TBX-Free for 60 days, but all orders come with a 30-day refund policy. To request for your money or cancel your shipments, you will need to call the customer service department. The supplement is also available through Amazon without the autoship enrollment. The price is about the same.

My Final Summary

TBX-Free bills itself as a homeopathic treatment. It has only one active ingredient - cytisine 8mg. The product has no solid clinical support and has a mixed online customer feedback. Negative reviews report that it doesn't work and is often associated with side effects. The manufacturer offers a 30-day refund policy but you will lose some money if you process a refund. All orders placed on the company's website come with automatic recurring shipments. Hurry up to cancel it to avoid unexpected charges. TBX-Free appears to have worthy competition with the same active ingredient. With all this in mind, I cannot recommend this product to usage.

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