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Pure Sleep was invented by a San Francisco dentist, Dr. Douglas Fenton, and Noel Lindsay, an ordinary man who was says to have been tired of snoring, so he decided to find a solution of his problem. In fact, the official website tells that Dr. Fenton and other physicians prescribed certain snoring mouthpieces to their patients for more than ten years. But those devices were very expensive - about $400! This was when Mr. Lindsay, a business man, came and suggested to create a cheaper version of Dr. Fenton's mouthpiece. At that time the Pure Sleep Company was founded.

The PureSleep is a boil and bite device which is used to place the lower jaw forward, removing tissue obstructions for better air flow. When the air passage is cleaned, the sound of snoring ceases. This device is custom fitted. It is manufactured from two types of plastic. Both of them are latex free and BPA. The Pure Sleep is made by the company based in the USA. The materials used for the production of the device are US sources. The official website is not very informative. There is no information about possible side effects and exact materials from which the device is made.

Ingredients of Pure Sleep - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The manufacturer doesn't care about informing their customers of the materials from which Pure Sleep is made. Thus, it can be assumed that this device can be the reason of certain allergic reactions and side effects. Besides, there are no studies conducted which would confirm the quality and safety of this appliance. The manufacturer only mentions that Pure Sleep is made from two different materials without the use of latex.

Pure Sleep

When you get your device by mail, you will open the box and see that it comes in two pieces. There is also a brochure with the instructions on how to make a custom fit and use the device. The jaw advancement adjustment has a special snap that allows you to change the location of the lower portion of the device. In fact, there are three different positions for you to choose from. That's not too many, I must say. Each person has a different structure of the mouth and everyone's jaw has a different location. So, you will be able to make such adjustments.

To create a custom fit you will have to choose the position that would be comfortable and at the same time keep your lower jaw in the advanced position. Be careful choosing the setting, because you won't be able to reverse this action after the next step. After you have chosen a position secure the device in the necessary position. To do it you will need to snap together the upper and lower portions. Then you will need to heat up a pot of water, drop the device into the pot, take it out and place it into your mouth to make a custom mold. Be ready to hold your teeth in this position for 45 seconds. After it cools down you will get the necessary impression. Usually, one item serves between 6-9 months before the replacement.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer doesn't mention whether Pure Sleep may cause any side effects or adverse reactions, however, I managed to find information about such. The common side effect associated with the use of a mouthpiece for snoring is dry mouth or hypersalivation. Dry mouth is more common due to the fact that the oral appliance has a narrow opening for the air to make a stream. The continuous flow of air dries out the mouth. Hypersalivation occurs due to the fact that the mouth tries to adjust to a new object inside by creating excessive salivation. The user of a device for snoring may wake up with his face in a puddle of drool.

Other side effects of wearing an oral appliance at night are tooth discomfort and toothache. This occurs because the device holds your lower jaw (mandibular) in a forward position in order to clear a restricted air passage. It means that the user will experience permanent pressure on their teeth during sleep and may wake up with soreness of the gum and teeth. Due to such discomfort some people find it difficult to fall asleep with an oral device in their mouth.

Another side effect is masticatory muscle pain that is created because of pulling the lower jaw forward when you sleep. You may also experience stiffness in your jaw muscles. Even though this symptom fades away after a few days, for some people it is unbearable and they stop using the device. The next side effect is less common but more serious. It involves changes in occlusion which occur in people who use Pure Sleep for a long period of time. Pulling the jaw forward every day for 8 hours increases the risk of your jaw remaining in the same position even without the piece.

Loose teeth is the last side effect of using a device for snoring. This is experienced by the users who already suffer from some teeth condition. An oral appliance only contributes to the current irritation. Remember that Pure Sleep should not be used for the treatment of sleep apnea. The device has been on sale since 2007 and has a ton of reviews from real users. There are many complaints about side effects. Some customers experience dry mouth, jaw soreness, discomfort and inability to keep the item in the mouth all night long. These issues typically resolve their self within a few days of use. Let's see what the users tell about this device.

"My fiance has been snoring all his adult life and I am not ready to sleep with him in the same bed all my life. That is why I bought Pure Sleep to solve the problem. But, unfortunately, the device didn't help. I think we will look for another way to stop his snoring."

"My husband snores very hard. That keeps us apart most nights. We have tried a lot of things including nose drops and breathe right strips but don't work. When we tried PureSleep, my husband could hardly fall asleep with this device in his mouth. In the morning he woke up with terrible discomfort."

"When we ordered two Pure Sleep devices for me and my wife for the first time, one of them had a defect. For this reason we had to return it to the company. The next device was better but it totally did not work for me and my wife. Waste of money!"

Where To Buy Pure Sleep?

Pure Sleep can be bought from the official website of the product. The company has recently offered a buy one get one free deal. It means that you can get two devices with storage containers for $60 + $10 shipping. You will not find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

I am not ready to recommend Pure Sleep to usage because it has many drawbacks. It is associated with many side effects. A lot of users report ineffectiveness of the item. The modern market is full of more impressive devices at affordable prices. Even though the company has been around for nearly 7 years it's not a good specialist in making snoring mouthpieces. You should look for a safer product.

Affordable Alternative

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