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Rexulti (brexpiprazole) is a new antipsychotic drug that works by changing the functioning of chemicals in the human brain. This medication is used to treat different psychotic illnesses, including the symptoms of schizophrenia. It can be also used in combination with other drugs to treat depressive disorders in adults. The medication is not approved for effectiveness in the treatment of psychotic conditions linked to dementia. Rexulti (3mg Brexpiprazole, tablet) is manufactured by Otsuka America Pharm on the territory of the United States. This company is not well-known, thus it cannot be trusted. The supplement can be shipped to other countries. To get this medication you will need a valid prescription. There is an official website that focuses more on the description of side effects than on the active ingredients in the product. It can hardly be called professional or informative.

Ingredients of Rexulti - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

As it was stated higher, this medication is used for the treatment of certain mood and mental disorders including depression and schizophrenia. The manufacturer does not pay much attention to the main ingredients in the drug, but it is clear that Rexulti is a tablet containing 3mg of Brexpiprazole. This is a purely chemical compound that is promised to help the user think more clearly, feel more relaxed and less nervous. However, there is no guarantee that you will immediately start enjoying your life and taking part in all kinds of activities every day. The reason is that Brexpiprazole is not approved for effective and safe use in any psychotic conditions. So, there is no proof that it works for everyone.


Brexpiprazole is an antipsychotic drug that is able to change the actions of certain chemicals in the patient's brain. It is an atypical antipsychotic, available in different drugs such as Rexulti tablets for oral administration. Generally speaking, it is used to treat the symptoms of dementia and schizophrenia, however, it doesn't always work for everyone. It is sometimes used to treat major depression in complex with other medications. The drug also claims to decrease hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that are not there in reality). Your doctor may prescribe you this drug to treat some other conditions not listed here. According to some unchecked sources, Brexpiprazole may improve your appetite, sleep, mood, and energy levels. This psychiatric medication belongs to the class of drugs known as atypical antipsychotics which help to restore the balance of some substances in the human brain.

The main drawback of brexpiprazole is the high risk of experiencing certain side effects. Some people may have suicide behavior and thoughts, especially when taking this antidepressant for the first time. Any worsening in these symptoms should be estimated by your doctor. Inactive ingredients of Rexulti include corn starch, lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, hypromellose, low-substituted hydroxypropyl cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, magnesium stearate, and talc. There is also a number of colorants including iron oxide, titanium dioxide, and ferrosferric oxide.

Before starting to use Rexulti, it is highly recommended to read the Medication Guide added to the drug and to consult your pharmacist. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them your doctor. This medication should be taken by mouth with or without food once daily. The dosage is selected according to your medical condition. Inform your doctor if you use any other products (nonprescription drugs, prescription drugs, and herbal products) on the regular basis. Avoid using Rexulti if you are allergic to brexpiprazole or any other ingredients in the product.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

As a matter of fact, Rexulti is associated with many side effects, for example, getting thoughts about suicide. For this reason, people taking this drug should stay under constant supervision of their doctor or relatives. Special attention should be paid to any changes in the usual mood of a patient. Report any worsening in the symptoms to your doctor. The medication should not be used by people younger than 18 years old.

There is an increased risk of death in elderly people who take the drug for the treatment of dementia-related psychosis. Rexulti can raise the chance of death. The bad symptoms may include memory loss and confusion. It should be remembered that this medication is not approved for the treatment of people with dementia-related psychosis. It was already mentioned that the drugs of this kind may increase suicidal thoughts in some individuals. This can be connected with depression and other mental illnesses. Rexulti is not recommended to patients who are allergic to brexpiprazole or other ingredients in the drug. Severe allergic reaction includes the following symptoms: rash, hives, facial swelling, and itching, as well as tightness in the chest, difficulty breathing, and swelling of the mouth and other parts of the body.

Rexulti may also cause a stroke in elderly people, Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (high fever, confusion, stiff muscles, sweating, heart rate, changes in pulse, and blood pressure), uncontrolled body movements, problems with metabolism (high blood sugar). Call your healthcare provider if you feel extremely thirsty, need to urinate frequently, feel sick in your stomach, and feel very hungry all the time, if your breath smells fruity or you feel too weak or confused. Rexulti may lead to the increased fat levels in your blood, weight gain, low white blood cell count, lightheadedness, decreased blood pressure, seizures and problems controlling your body temperature. Let's have a look at some customers' testimonials.

"When my psychiatrist prescribed me 1 mg. of Rexulti, I was happy at first. My depression left me but I experienced a terrible side effect which is sleep interruption. Very often, I woke up as early as 3 am and could not fall asleep again. My mind was too active and I could not relax. This was the reason why o stopped using the drug"

"I have taken Rexulti for 2 days, and I now am stopping due to the worst insomnia. My doctor prescribed this medication to me for anxiety and depression. I cannot say that I was feeling any positive change in my condition"

"While taking Rexulti I felt totally agitated, sensitive, angry and emotional. My cholesterol was high, my AC1 was at 6.2. So, I called to my doctor who said to stop using the drug immediately. I feel better now but I think I will never turn to this medication again!"

Where To Buy Rexulti?

Rexulti is an extremely expensive drug. Website UniversalDrugStore sells thirty tablets for $1100. This is a one-month supply. The medication can also be bought from a number of other retail stores. You will not find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

I don't think that Rexulti is worth your attention because this medication is associated with a great number of side effects. A lot of users report experiencing terrible changes in their bodies. Even though it proves effective in most cases, the high chance of experiencing severe side effects makes this drug impossible to use. Besides, it is extremely expensive. Ask your doctor to select a good alternative to this medication without such dangerous adverse reactions.

Affordable Alternative

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