Toviaz Reviews - What Is It?

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Toviaz (fesoterodine) is a new medication meant to reduce spasms of the bladder muscles. Usually this drug is used to treat the syndrome of overactive bladder in combination with symptoms of urinary urgency, frequency, and incontinence. However, the product may be also used for purposes which are not mentioned in this medication guide.

The official website of the product is badly made. It lacks basic information on the main ingredients in the medication and on side effects which can be experienced when taking the drug. Let us have a look at the basic ingredients in Toviaz to understand whether it really works.

Ingredients of Toviaz - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

As it was already mentioned, the manufacturer of Toviaz only mentions one active ingredient. There is no information about other components, thus, there is high risk that other compounds may be allergic, harmful and even dangerous for the human health. Fesoterodine is the main ingredient in the product. It is used for the treatment of overactive bladder as well as symptoms of urinary leakage, urgency, and frequency. It may be also used for some other health conditions as determined by your doctor.


In general, Fesoterodine is an antimuscarinic (anticholinergic) agent that works by blocking the work of a certain chemical that leads to bladder contractions. Fesoterodine is not recommended to usage by patients who are allergic to this compound or who have ever suffered from allergic reactions to any other medications, as well as those who have problems with emptying their stomach or are unable to empty their bladder, those who suffer from severe liver problems or uncontrolled narrow-angle glaucoma. Avoid using Toviaz if you are taking a potassium product in the form of tablets. Talk to your doctor if any of these issues apply to you.

Before using fesoterodine inform your healthcare provider if you are pregnant or are breast-feeding, if you have any forms of allergies to any substances, if you are taking any herbal preparations, medicines, or dietary supplements, if you have liver or kidney problems; if you suffer from glaucoma or high pressure in eyes; if you have stomach or bowel issues such as severe constipation; if you experience muscle weakness; if you suffer from a blockage of the stomach, bladder, or bowel; if you have a weak urine stream or trouble urinating. Beware of this compound if you have a history of irregular heartbeat.

Some drugs may interact with fesoterodine. Tell your doctor if you are taking any drugs on the regular basis, especially any of the following: clarithromycin, anticholinergics (scopolamine), itraconazole, nefazodone, ketoconazole, posaconazole, or telithromycin protease inhibitors (ritonavir, boceprevir). These compounds may increase the risk of side effects. Potassium tablets may increase the chance of experiencing stomach or bowel irritation.

Toviaz should be taken once a day. Follow all directions on the product's prescription label. Your healthcare provider may change your dose to avoid side effects or to achieve better results. This medicine should not be taken in larger or smaller amounts. Do not use it for longer than recommended by your doctor. Take Toviaz with a full glass of pure water. It may be taken with or without food. Avoid crushing, chewing, or breaking a tablet, but swallow it whole. The product should be stored at room temperature away from heat and moisture.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Toviaz manufacturer mentions only two possible side effects associated with the use of the product - constipation and dry mouth, however, they are more numerous. It means that this drug may not be as effective as claimed on the official website. Besides, there is a great chance that Toviaz will not solve your urinary issues completely but only you to control the symptoms of the disease.

The drug should not be taken by patients who have untreated narrow-angle glaucoma, or who suffer from a blockage of the stomach, urinary tract, or intestines. Toviaz may lead to blurred vision or slow down your reactions and thinking. Avoid using it if you drive a car or do anything that requires fast reacting. When taking the drug, do not get overheated or dehydrated in hot weather or during exercise as the medicine can decrease perspiration and increase the risk of a heat stroke. Do not drink alcohol as this can increase the chance of side effects of the main ingredient in the product (fesoterodine).

Remember that the drug may interact with other medications. That is why it is important to inform your doctor of all the medications you use. These can be prescription drugs, vitamins, over the counter medicines, and herbal products. Before taking Toviaz ensure that you are not allergic to fesoterodine. Toviaz is not designed for use in people under 18 years of age. Adults above 75 years old are more prone to experiencing side effects from Toviaz.

The common side effect of this medication is xerostomia (dry mouth). Another adverse effect is constipation. Fesoterodine (the active component in Toviaz) may lead to undesired side effects that require help. More common of them include difficulty having a stool and dry mouth. Less common are bloating or swelling of the face, bladder pain, bloody or cloudy urine, burning while urinating, body aches or pain, chills, cough, decrease in urine volume, decrease in frequency of urination, difficulty in breathing, difficulty in passing urine, difficult or painful urination, dry eyes, fever, ear congestion, headache, frequent urge to urinate, loss of voice, nasal congestion, lower back or side pain, rapid weight gain, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, unusual tiredness or weakness, tingling of the hands or feet, unusual weight gain or loss. Let us have a look at the testimonials of real users of Toviaz.

"I experienced side effects after only one dose (8mg) of Toviaz. They are just unbearable to live with. I suffer from difficulty starting urine stream, increased urgency to urinate, dry mouth, dizziness, headache, nausea. I will never take this product again."

"Beware of toviaz. I have been on it for more than two years. At first, it worked well on my bladder but then I started experiencing side effects. My stomach doesn't function properly, I have severe constipation and nausea. I decided better to use diapers than to suffer."

"I was prescribed Toviaz by my urologist to relive my symptoms of OAB (constant urge, frequency). I took it for 25 days but I didn't notice a big difference in my issues. I started feeling dizzy. After about a week of dizziness, I realized that Toviaz was to blame. I stopped taking it and started feeling well again."

Where To Buy Toviaz?

Toviaz price can differ from website to website. The cost for the oral tablet, extended release 4 mg is about $288 (30 tablets). Toviaz is available as a brand name only, there is no generic version yet. You will not find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

I don't think that Toviaz can take proper care of your urinary health as it has many drawbacks. First of all, this product causes a number of side effects quite frequently. A lot of users complain of experiencing digestive problems when using this medication. I cannot recommend Toviaz there are many other products for this health condition online which can be more helpful and safer in usage.

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